Little Creatures - by Steve Quayle

Little Creatures - by Steve Quayle

Please Note: This Book is NOT for Children:

In this book, author Stephen Quayle examines the legends and fairytales surrounding little creatures, and reveals how these tales provide clues, and secrets that can be assembled like a jigsaw puzzle to give an amazing picture of our past and a preview of our future. Coupled with modern sighting of these creatures, you’ll discover the true nature of these supernatural creatures, and the dangers they pose to each human being on our planet.


Little Creatures  explores the legends and stories of elves, fairies, gnomes, fisher folk, rural cottagers, country parsons, and Irish mystics. I’ve spent much of my life digging like an archeologist into the truth behind the various legends, myths, and fairy tales of ancient cultures around the world. Often these stories feature various types of little creatures, often eerily similar from one period and geographical location to another throughout the world. Like the tales of giants, which many of our ancestors believed in up until just a century ago (in part because they had access to proofs these creatures existed), are now scoffed at.


The truth is that much of what many today believe unlikely or impossible is in fact not only possible be most likely actually happened. The key point to remember as you read the following pages is that a myth, legend, or fairytale is not the same as a modern day fictional story that has been created from whole cloth. These ancient stories are generally built around a kernel of truth which a culture held important and sacred. They passed it down from one generation to the next, a wealth of knowledge to be preserved. Each story is a treasure chest of knowledge waiting for us to open.


Might the little creatures be a counterpart to giants then? Discover and learn more about Little Creatures in Steve Quayle’s incredible new book.


416 pages with 160 ILLUSTRATIONS